a story about spike that i was going to tell kathy yesterday

so spike is the main villain on buffy.  he’s a vampire.  which means he has no soul, kills people, you know, he’s a bad guy.

but then he gets this chip in this head (put in by the government actually) that causes him unbareable pain if he even tries to attack someone.  so he is rendered harmless and starts fighting demons because they’re the only ones he is allowed to hurt.

but the thing is, he is still a vampire, and he still doesn’t have a soul, and the only thing stopping him is the chip.  which is really like a leash.  it doesn’t change what he wants or who he is.

but then he actually ends up changing cuz he falls in love with buffy (the slayer) and actually does good and wants to.

but then he does something *really* bad because in the end he doesn’t have a soul so he goes through all this torture and stuff to get it restored.

and there’s this whole thing like can he be forgiven.  and he is like going crazy  in all this pain because he suddenly feels remorse now that he has a  soul and he actually goes crazy.

buffy actually sleeps with spike for a while, but it just makes her hate herself.  he accesses a particular dark part of her and she eventually ends it because she is hurting herself and him (because he actually loves her).  he is like a dark compulsion.  so he has this oddly strong power over her and she treats him like dirt because she hates him and herself so much for sleeping with him.  it’s all very unhealthy and then she like decides to be healthy and like breaks it off finally.

that whole season is about losing control and escaping reality and hurting yourself and others.  it’s awesome.  definitely our favorite.

and he was in love with her.  in his own way.  but he was also evil too.  and so he hurt her reallyreally bad cuz he was so angry that she didn’t love him.  so he had to get a soul.  but like she could never really forgive him.  until maybe at the very end when he died.  and he had to go through all the tortures to get a soul.

i don’t know.  it’s just a story.

help help help i’m scared says someone

the thing is tho he can never undo it.  that’s just it and i always thought joss wheaton should have takent hat out, because then he was too evil and shouldn’t be forgiven and since he kind of was that was unacceptable.  i don’t know.  i must be crazy.

and like before he dies buffy almost seems to like love him and i just didn’t understand how getting a soul could make up for what he did.  i thought it was horrible writing and sending a bad message.  i don’t know i probably still do.  what does a soul have to do with anything?  i thought it seemed like a quick fix.


heehee this is a funny scrubs

we love the jd-dr. cox dynamic

the oc-to-gossip girl character conversion

seth + 1/2 ryan –> dan humphrey

summer + 1/2 julie –> blair

marissa –> serena (he’s got a thing about those “innocent” party girls)

1/2 ryan + 1/2 luke –> nate

sandy –> rufus (he’s got a thing about those rugged jewish guys, doesn’t he?)

1/2 kirsten + 1/2 julie –> lily

caleb –> bart bass

theresa –> vanessa

1/2 oliver + 1/2 spike from buffy –> chuck

kaitlin –> jenny

i relate *way* too much to this episode

(sigh) we will *never* admit that we are in any way like jd


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