so, …

we are the edges, or edges, or a lot of things.  we used to be a high-functioning law student with a great relationship and a reasonably-consistent set of social skills.  we were always in control.  which makes some of us smile just to write.

then we broke down, and we found out we were a “we” (multiple personality, person w/ did).  we dropped out of law school, quit our part-time law job from the summer, and constructively broke up with our girlfriend.  we went crazy and had these parts of us coming out that had always been voices we pushed away.

and so now we’re staying broken down.  and since we can’t do anything we used to, we are going to try something new, just trying to be honest.  which is tough cuz we are a REAL people pleaser.

so that’s it.  that’s what we’re trying to do, just talk about ourselves and what we’re thinking without trying to manipulate how you see us too much.


oh!  also, lots of different parts of us write here.  and the ideas or views expressed by one part do not represent our system as a whole nor are they often even endorsed.

i have to pretend that nobody reads this for me to write in it.  so if you do know me, please don’t assume i’m comfortable with you bringing things up you read there.  i might be, but i might also be scared.

also we’re doing this because we have a crap memory so this helps us notice patterns in our life.  it’s as much if not more for us than anyone else.


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