dream last night

woke up pretty upset, sleepy couldn’t fall back asleep.  bad edges.  anyway, dream about people, i think stef did something mean to us and i tried to explain it and she and no one else believed me and i was very angry and waiting for them to realize they’d been wrong so they’d apologize and have to deal with my anger.  something about a campus.  something about classes.


what i have done to avoid the paperwork due basically tomorrow

  1. laundry
  2. shopped and returned groceries at trader joe’s
  3. rearranged the apartment
  4. cleaned the apartment some

and this is beside smoking and watching the office of course.  did i mention how crucial and important this paperwork is for me to have (even close to) enough money?

wow, how worthless am i?

it is 6pm and i haven’t done anything.  i have to get this paperwork done.  i am going to die.  i am going to die.


what we are supposed to be doing: our paperwork

what we are actually doing: looking at the bed, bath, and beyond website cuz we got a $10 off $30 coupon in the mail

what a fucking jerk.

wes maded another person

she is softgirl .  she was posed by like a fairy all sexy but then she wanted jamas cuz she saw a teddy bear and held it.  she sad a little not be sexy but happy to feel warm and comfy.  it is tough tho cuz she thinks only worth is be sexy she thinks.

she is a soft, soft girl not tryin be sexy this time

she is a soft, soft girl not tryin be sexy this time

stupid dream

okay, so we had a dream that appears to have really stressed us based on how we felt when we woke up.  our body hurts and feels heavy.

ugh.  how much do we not want to talk about this?  alot.  alot would be the answer.


blah, it’d be better if we acted like we didn’t care, like it wasn’t embarrassing.

part of it was at that usual college campus or whatever with a test, and there was stuff about people not liking us, and thhere was stuff (sighs) about whoever whatever pixie was in the dream trying to suck these men’s cocks and get them to fuck her.

thank god for mpd, because it sure as hell isn’t *me* dreaming that.  fucking a.

stupid bitch.  i hate this whole thing.  but it’s easier to record when it isn’t ME.  i guess that’s kind of the underlying thing with mpd.  i know i should call it did, but i like mpd.

this is lisa

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