other people’s creativity that i use to express myself

soundtrack for my life (not necessarily in order)

  1. don’t give up on me – solomon burke
  2. closer – Nine inch nails
  3. back to black – amy winehouse
  4. old apartment – barenaked ladies
  5. david – nellie mckay
  6. wreck of the day – anna nalick
  7. sea anemone – jets to brazil
  8. untrustable – built to spill
  9. hurt a fly – built to spill
  10. look at her face – the coral sea
  11. polar opposties – modest mousecrazy – gnarls barkely
  12. hey mama – kanye west
  13. everything to everyone – everclear (if i am truly, truly honest)
  14. only – nine inch nails
  15. shoop – salt n peppa

characters we are like/relate to

  • meredith from Grey’s Anatomy (also alex and mark sloan a little)
  • brian from Queer as Folk
  • dr. cox from Scrubs (also the janitor, who does not have a name)
  • jack black’s character in High Fidelity
  • both jude law *and* matt damon’s characters in The Talented Mr. Ripley
  • angry/evil willow on Buffy

movies in my film festival

  • i heart huckabees
  • the big lebowski
  • little miss sunshine
  • saved!
  • freaky friday
  • the talented mr. ripley
  • memento

books in my library

  • basically anything by amy tan except the most recent one
  • panda girl (who wrote that? that is not a book)
  • my father’s house
  • the obsidian mirror – louise m. wisechild
  • safe passage to healing
  • calvin and hobbes (which my dad read to me as a child
  • the hollywood wars series

quotes in my um, quote deck

i don’t think there’s ever been an appointment in my life where i wanted the other guy to show up  – george costanza, seinfeld

when he grows up, i want to be like me!  – ralph wiggum, the simpsons


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