cast of characters

e*in: ex-(secret)girlfriend.  kind of like a mix between jim from the office and michael from arrested development. broke up with me a while ago and we are not talking.

s*ef: ex-long-term girlfriend.  like emmet from queer as folk. this episode of scrubs is like our relationship in a nutshel except the break up would take place in an episode 4 seasons later

e*a: younger sister. kind of like gob from arrested development.  lives in my building.  this is our favorite scrubs episode (warning it has christian stuff) and it is very much our relationship:  my new god

a*ex: younger half-brother. looks a little like ryan from the oc.  lives on east coast.  is in college and, like us, smokes a lot of pot

m*riad: my current “it’s complicated”. also lives in my building. he’s shockingly similar to us in certain ways, and we once got asked if we were related (i know, hot right?)

i*digo, j*ga, c*ew, s*an: good friends who are also multiple

a*ron: my friend, m*riad’s ex, many complicated entanglements and issues.  he is very like us in certain ways and very like our mom in certain ways.

kathy: our current therapist

noreen: our previous therapist

barb: my mom’s older sister

dean: my mom’s younger brother

grandma and grandpa: my dad’s parents

granddaddy and grandmommy: my mom’s parents

the cousins: barb’s 4 kids, all grown up



  1. ahhh….i don’t make the list…

  2. wow, yeah, only the people related by blood and/or sexual fluids are on here.

    how could anyone forget indigos?

  3. you know what it is? it’s the people in the position to cause drama!!! maybe i should have a separate friend catagory, some of us describe it as the less conflict-ridden group.

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