it’s so easy

you make them happy.  then they make you happy.  and you both need each other, so you both need to do it.  so it makes sense.  so it works.  like with mommy.  that is just how it works.

so scareded right now want go sleep want die want stop can’t do this so fake so fake so fake you bithc you bitch you bitch who do you think you are like you know anything you know nothing you know nothing you bitch putting on airs acting like you know things shut the fuck up before no one likes you you bitch i am going to kill you

i guess the wanting versushaving is like the kids who want to be married and so are like always talking to m*riad about how we are married but they don’t actually mean married they mean loving each other and that means like snuggling close and feeling loved but they call it married but m*riad gets that but s*ef didn’t cuz she actually *Wanted* to get married.  so the kids are somewhat frustrated by not being actually married, but actually they enjoy just saying it and being it their way.  i don’t know.  it’s just nice.  it’s nice m*riad gets that it doesn’t mean married like other people think.  that they don’t want what they’re actually asking for.  i don’t know.  i guess we picked someone who didn’t want to get married so we wouldn’t have to worry about them getting free and wreaking legal havoc.

it’s like m*riad gets they want that feeling of being veryvery loved.  and that’s the only way to know how to get to it to say they are married to m*riad so they are in love forever.  but that’s not actually what they want.  they want the love.  they just want the love.

and, sadly, i guess what they really want is safety and security only insiders can provide.  or what they really need.  what bull shit.

what total bull shit.

help help help i’m scared syas osmeone inside.


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