we have to make a*ron happy we have to make it ok

we should just have sex with him.  it really wouldn’t be that big of a deal and i bet that would make him happy and we’d be good and he’d bo happy and not hruting cua we thought th might try stuff with us.  we don’t want him to hurt don’t want that wanna make it better we do we do we do i want to die i am so bad we is seein him tomorrow and we is scared just to see how hurt he is we hurt him we should make it better it wouldn’t bet hat big a deal AT ALL and it would make things all better it really wouldn’t be abig deal maybe we hsould just go do that now so we can be good we don’t want to make him sad we could go there right now and convince him its okay and make him happy and he’d be kay not hurtin we wouldn’t be hurtin him

there are people inside who really want to do that.  god, what would happen if they ever got the reigns?

seriously i don’t see any other way to make this better and then he’d feel all better and everything would be okay we’d be fine seriusly we’ve done it before and ok he’s a guy but that should just be easier right?  we could and we’d like it cuz we’d make him happy and that makes US happy.  that’s what we want.  we want to make him happy.  i wonder if we could do that, call him or something.  i mean that wouldn’t be so bad.  and he’d be happy.  we could make it all better. we know how to make it all better we are good at that.

we could make it all better.  we hsould do that.  i wonder if he is on gchat.  it really wouldn’t be a big deal.  we’d be okay.  we’d be fine.  if we want to anyway we won’t be upset.  we should make him happy again.  we let him down and he needs us and we could make him so happy and we would have to do so little.  we should do it.  we should.  maybe we should do that.  would that be such a big deal?  no.  not at all.  not a big deal for us at all.  we make people happy all the time its just what we do it’s no big deal it’s no big iudeal

then we wouldn’t feel sad and bad so we should do it then we’d feel BETTER and whatever there are littles that want to if we let them out so see it could be fine it could be fine why do we make this big deal over nothing we are such a bitch

it would not be a big  deal.  we could fix it now.  right now.  right.  now.  maybe we’d even have to convinve him cuz of all the bad stuff but we could and we’d be good (smiles  little) and he wouldn’t hurt and WE wouldn’t hurt everyone would be happy see so we should do that.  we can’t stand to hurt him we can’t this is better everyone will be happy see. everyone will be happy.  it is the best idea.  it is the best course.  we coud be good a good girl make him happy be good and everything would be fine see?

i think maybe that is a good idea and we should do it while we are out and can handle it and make everything all better before other people come out who would get upset see we aren’t upset we WANT to we WANT to be good we do.  i think maybe we should do that.  then everything would be all better tomorrow.  people always love you after you make them happy.  that’s when they love you and are happy they are HAPPY and everything is okay we have to make everything okay why not it is not a big deal why do they make it such a big deal it probably wouldn’t even be that long see it could be fun we’d be making him happy makiing it all better so we’d feel better after like a good girl not a bad girl who made him sad

so sad he needs us he needs not be hurt he trusted us we let him down we hurt him we hurt him we hurt him we need to make it better it hurts too much it is unacceptable it is unacceptable it is unacceptable we need to make it stop hurting we have to make it better we have to right now we are so bad so stupid such bitches so worthles want to die should die should hit us should die we should die


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