i wonder how many people know

what it’s like to be so persuasive that you are never sure whether you are controling people or not until they tell you later.  it’s something we worry about and try to control (ha ha).  it’s just, it’s just breathing.  it’s what we do it’s how we think, in how to convince people, how to sync along with their thoughts and lead them to ours without them necessarily even knowing if necessary.  i wonder if they taught us that.  i don’t think my dad did, but maybe he is very persuasive just irrational.

but it’s like i just see how people are thinking, how they are building their beliefs, what needs to be targeted, what needs to be turned around, how they need to feel about things, how sure they are and how easily led.  without even looking like you’re trying at all, like you’re just asking questions.

it’s like we just know how to get in people’s minds and change their thoughts without them even knowing.  i really believe this.  and i think often we don’t know, or at least most of us.  i mean we know we can do it but we don’t always know we’re doing it.  we just think we’re talking and expressing opinions.  we just build our opinions to look like their thoughts, to look the most persuasive.  but i think particularly on emotional and personal stuff, the stuff you aren’t supposed to be able to argue.  and it scared me that we can do that.  i really don’t want to be bad and i try so hard not to but i worry i always worry.  it is so easy to be bad and not even know.  i can’t help if silver threads trace from my fingers.

but then later people tell you you were mind controling them and you really didn’t mean to.

you had no idea.


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