it is so cold in the apartment

help help i’m scared something is going on e*a wrote emails she feels our pain alot and she understands why we need to be away and we aren’t disappointing her and she wants to know if she can help.  it is colder and colder.  colder and colder.  she is scared we are going to kill ourselves, that we are unsafe.  what is going on, we used to get seriously freaked out about that stuff when we were more functional.  i think it might be a control thing, a projection of your own lack of control.  hmmm.

it’s crazy, we jus try to let everyone put their tags in and love now that wordpress has the most popular ones at least out to choose from.  but we notice that often they pick tags and we think “well that seems excessive now they’re just picking ones for fun or just that are generic” and then we’ll be writing and what do you know it’ll be relvent.

we actually have a policy to only correct the grammer and spelling of people where we don’t think it is indicative of something about them, such as age, ability to type, fear, inability to think.  we don’t want to lose that information and frankly we are wary of any and all editing since we have an automatic tendancy to prune everything away to make us look our best.  i would say that is one of our biggest (flaws says someone) talents.  i don’t know.  things are odd right now.  we shuould eat something it is cold.  i guess the deicision of when to correct and not is it’s own bias and editing so maybe it’s all a moo point (you know, like a cow’s opinion, it just doesn’t matter)

ehy is e*a so afraid i’m gioing to kill myself.  does she know osmehting about her life that is relevent?  she told me she’s had a journal for FOUR YEARS she didn’t tell anyone about and wants to know if i’d like to read it which i definitely would tho am just like what could eb int here? does sh eknow what’s going on with me? on the x files the premise of mulder is that his sister got abducted when he was a kid and he wants to know what happened.  that’s a metaphor for the adulthood effects of child abuse if i’ve ever heard one.

bad girl i know i know she is a bad girl.


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