someone bursts into tears when we sing the chorus of “throw it all away”

listen to it

when the stars, and the moon 
and the sky, fall through 

I'd throw them all away when I'm hollow 
deep as the sea goes, all I know is 
I would throw it all away

we really can’t get even thru the second to last line.  i don’t know.  it’s something like it seems like a child or something.  maybe just cuz the song one of our younger parts wrote talks about stars and wishing wells and the imagery reminds us of it, it’s like with a child and it is all the stars and the moon and everything crashing.  i don’t know.
something about like how wrenching it is that she would give all that up for… for the other person?  i don’t know, to us it feels like one of us is sobbing and saying that would give everything give it all up. for something.  not to save the other person, but
i don’t know it seems like maybe in the song she’s saying that when that person has nothing they can at least know that she has nothing without them.  that’s not exactly it.  this is why i love music, it captures things so difficult to put in words and certainly express as clearly.
we were writing to m*riad and we realized that it’s desperate.  there’s something about the desperate pain in the song even tho what she’s saying doesn’t seem to be inherently sad.  that she’d throw it all away.  like she has nothing.  like a little girl who needs someone very badly.
i guess it’s a really lonely sadness.  like e*a and i both have a lot of sadness and grief about mom, but we can’t really share it because it’s too painful.  i don’t know.  it’s like the song is lonely even tho it’s about being so close to someone.  but it’s like that closeness is also attached to throwing everything else away.  that’s what it’s built on or connected to.
it’s like it’s all as deep as the sea: the understanding, the emptiness, what she’d give up, the love.  it’s all the same.  i don’t know.  it’s like the love is it’s own black hole.  it is intense and strong but also wrenching.  i don’t know.  stupid.
i don’t know i like see her or someone on like a hill or just in a storm and that is what the love is.
i just think brandi does this really well.
i am a total bitch.

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