in an odd way

posting music – *especially* in the creation process – is some of the post intimate and uncensored stuff here.  becuase the songs i think are for the most part written by parts that don’t necessarily communicate that often and have things to say that are so odious to the rest of us that they have to be slipped out in song so they don’t get caught and censored.

i don’t know.  i guess it’s just some of the scariest stuff for us to post because we often don’t know what it means or at least part of it.

sometimes we are honest with m*riad and things are BETTER than before, they not get mad so nice.  that is new.  we always thought honest was bad and selfish.  it’s crazy to do things this way. c-raz-y.

i guess the music isn’t necessarily more intimate or uncensored, it’s just in a different way than i think a lot of the writing.  both in content and who’s talking.


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