also, it has been really wierd to be people who don’t want to smoke

like they don’t want to feel more out of control.  it’s odd.  glad to have some of the saner ones back, the oddly less functional tho.  i guess the more dissociated the less we want to smoke. hmmmmm.  maybe that’s why we started when s*ef was gone cuz we were safe.  hmmmmm.  also she wasn’t there to judge us.  not saying she did but it triggerded her and that sucked.

shouldn’t be writing, just wanted to get this down.  so sorry.  need to be ready go ggo m*riads.  bad edgesd.  stupid bitchgirlbitch.

bad girl.

so silly.  must stop.  gotta run.  ta ta ladies.

sometimes i think people add tags just for fun.  i think the kids do.  but who am i to stop them, it’s fun for them.  they love to play tricks and do things that should make people mad but then have them love them instead.  that’s why they love the questions, they like the idea of hearing about you being upset and like being a trickster but you still lovin them.  that’s what they like.  yeah.

ok gotta go for real now bad girl.  makin m*riad wait you bitch gotta go.


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