we are the littles!!!

and the bigs won’t let us ask myriad for a cuddle or go to them to cuddle.  i think they are afraid of the halls.  they are so stupid!!!  and we misss myriad and want a cuddle but bigs say it is bad to ask for that don’t do that they say be good but we ARE good and they are STUPID.  bigs say no gotta be in control all the time gotta be in control and wes just want be little and be held.

this is what we sounded like *yes*-terday:

secretsecret*scret* is we sih myriads would come down here and hug us but we know that is BAD bigs say it is passive AGGRESSIVE and we tries not be we is just little you know we can’t *help* it

ferillia says means not love us, but they is always like that, gettin mad and talkin bout how nobody cares. that’s just how they are.  but that’s not really what we’s think but then they say it and we don’t know we get scared worry must be true like alone on the basement floor or something

who knows and we know we is bad to write it but we is kids what else we psed to?  we try be good but we is kids not fair hold us like we is adults we is NOT adults stupid!  not fair!  we is kids and we is good!  we is kkids and we is good!  we is kids and we is good!  we is kids and we is good!  we is kids and we is good!

we get to write what WE think too!!  so there w e do too!  we is still good even if we wants too much we is still good *may*-be and we can still talk about it and we is honestly not tryin get nothin we is just sayin what we is thinkin we not tryin be manipulative ferillia says we is or somthin THEY is


but we is kids here.  we is kids talkin here

fell good soft strong solid say bigs or adults

who is ellen?  that is one of our catagories or rather tags.  who is ellen? (shakes head) wierd.  huh, it does feel lighter or something.  we never really let the kids talk like that, we think it is de facto manipulative.  but that was nice.  i don’t know.  i guess we’ll see.

the built-in trigger delay makes everything more interesting.

and bigs want wait not publish now cuz we don’t have audio yet but too bad we want publish NOW we don’t care we can say what we want WHEN we want and we is important too JUST as important yeah yeah yeah!!!  yeah yeah just as important!!

we win you lose the end


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