an email from my mom

I want you to call Grandmommy.  She thinks that you should talk to her because grandmothers are nicer and more forgiving than mothers.  I have told her that you are not in law school and may not return, that you are having major mental problems (PTSD, at least) but have started seeing a new counselor, that you are dating a trans man who is on disability for having a multiple personality, and that you are not talking to me as well as not talking to your sister very much.  I have told her that you have guilt feelings that are contributing to your inability to contact any of us.

She is not angry or disapproving of you in any way, at least so far as I can see, and she thinks that talking to her might make you feel better. I think so, too.  You can get rid of a lot of guilt feelings all at once without having to talk to me.  (I myself have become much more open and truthful with her and it helps me a lot.)

Anyway, give it a thought.  You can always tell her if you don’t like what she says.  Moreover, she will probably start trying to get you off the phone in about ten minutes. She is pretty much available except for Saturday from 4pm to 9pm, and every night from 10pm to 10:15.  You will probably have to wait for the message to finish playing before she picks up.  In any case, it has got to be easier than going to Thanksgiving.



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